What Makes Up News?

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News is made up of stories that interest people and affect their lives in some way. Some of these stories are about celebrities or show business, while others involve human interest or animals. Some are funny, and include photos and witty headlines. They may be about a controversial event. Some news stories have a contrasting or surprising element. Some are about bad news, and some are about good news. For example, a coup d’etat that takes place in one country can have far-reaching effects on the stability of another.

The news media also reports on events that are happening in the world, even if they’re not newsworthy. For example, the death of the former leader of China, Mao Tse-Tung, wasn’t announced to the world for days, but still made news. And, of course, money is a hot topic in the news, too. We hear about fortunes made and lost, taxes and food prices, compensation claims and economic crises, among others. Even the smallest amounts of money can be interesting news stories.

The selection process of news is based on several factors, including journalistic routines, deadlines, and the influence of advertisers and proprietors. Outside influences on the news include the belief systems of journalists and the role of public relations professionals and “spin doctors”.