What Makes News?

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News is information about events that are either currently happening or which have happened in the past. It is about things which are of general interest to a newspaper or broadcast audience.

Events which are new or unusual make news. However, a new event or unusual behaviour may still not be newsworthy if it is not significant enough. For example, scientists may report that an insect has been found living on a plant which it did not previously inhabit. This would be newsworthy in a scientific journal but is not necessarily newsworthy for a general newspaper or broadcast.

People in the news: Prominent men and women, their careers and lifestyles make interesting news stories. They become especially newsworthy if they fall from grace, lose money or are implicated in scandal.

Crime: Breaking a law or doing something illegal is always newsworthy. It is also newsworthy if the crime is a violent assault or a murder, or if it affects many people. Money: Wealth and poverty, business fortunes and losses, school fees, taxation rates and the Budget all make news.

Feature news stories are in-depth articles about a particular subject. These stories require more research and writing than straight news reporting. They often include interviews with individuals. A feature article should be based on factual evidence and should avoid any personal bias. Before publication, journalists cross check and ensure that the story is true to its core. This is to protect the integrity of the journalist and the credibility of the newspaper or broadcast.