What is Technology?

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Technology is the systematic application of knowledge to achieve a practical goal. Its uses are diverse and widespread. Its definition is as follows: technologies are “artifacts made by applying knowledge in systematic ways”. These artifacts are often used in a variety of fields. These include manufacturing, communication, transportation, medicine, and engineering.

Technological advances usually involve several stages, each of which validates the underlying ideas, develops a deeper understanding of the process, and tests the idea against reality. Each stage is more complex and sophisticated than the last. However, promising early technologies often stall, sometimes due to “death valley” – a critical period in the development process where the technology is less likely to reach its full potential.

The term technology has various meanings, from the broadest meaning of science to narrower ones. It can also refer to any human-made item. For instance, the word technology may refer to a computer, to a television, or to any gadget. Technology may also refer to the state of knowledge of a specific field, such as the field of medicine.

The use of technology in society has changed our lives in countless ways. While it has helped us develop advanced economies and made it possible for many to enjoy leisure time, it also has created new ethical problems. For example, many technological processes produce unwanted by-products or deplete natural resources. Additionally, the implementation of technology has changed the social norms of societies.