What is Technology?

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Technology is the application of science to solve real-world problems and improve life. It encompasses everything from the first stone tools to modern nuclear technology and space rockets.

Technology influences every aspect of life. It helps you stay in touch with friends, how your food is grown and even the way you listen to music. It also helps businesses gather information about their customers and create products aligned with their deeper needs.

The technology industry includes everything from software companies to manufacturers of electronics, telecommunications systems and transportation. It is a large sector that can be divided into flexible and fixed technology. Flexible technology includes the many types of electronic devices you use like your computer, tablet or smartphone. It also includes communication systems like satellite networks and the Internet. Fixed technology is used in specific areas of industry and is used to make particular products, such as fungicides, which is only used for the removal of bacteria, fungi, viruses and molds.

Technology can have both positive and negative effects on society. The positive effects include democratising access to information, allowing people to communicate with one another anywhere in the world and enabling people to find solutions to their problems quickly and easily. However, the downsides include addiction to devices like smartphones and computers, distraction, a lack of face-to-face interaction and a lack of understanding of social issues.