What is News?

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News is information about events or people that has happened, is happening or is about to happen. It is a type of media message that gets distributed through newspapers, television, radio and the Internet.

It is a source of knowledge and can also be an outlet for opinions, biases and social pressures.

The term news was first used in ancient times to describe government proclamations concerning royal ceremonies, laws, taxes and public health. It has since been developed to include a range of topics, including war, politics, education, health, the environment, business, fashion, sport and entertainment, as well as quirky or unusual events.

How to Read News

The news is usually a brief account of something that has happened. It may be a crime, disaster or an event which has prompted people to think about something they need to know about.

In general, news reports contain five key elements: Newness; Unusuality; Interestingness; Significantness and About People. The strength of a story will depend on how many of these elements it contains.

Drama: There are a number of types of news stories which involve drama. These might include escapes, accidents, searches, sieges, rescues, battles or court cases. They might be about crimes, serious accidents or extraordinary incidents such as murder.

Money: These are a large part of the news and include fortunes made, lost and claims for compensation. They might also be about school fees, the Budget, food prices and wage rises.