What Is Fashion?

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Fashion is a term that varies from person to person and can mean anything from the latest trends in clothing, accessories or shoes, to the way you carry yourself and how your confidence translates into your personal style. Fashion can be an understated whisper or a high-energy shout. It can be a subtle hint or an all-knowing wink and a smile.

Fashion has a long history of being associated with social status, power and wealth, as evidenced by the dresses worn in royal palaces or the “pue” dolls that circulated in court. However, as technology advanced and the textile industry expanded, it became possible to produce and sell large numbers of clothes at a reasonable price.

The earliest modern fashions can be traced back to the invention of sewing machines, and the introduction of millinery. Millinery was the original fashion profession, which specialized in making custom-fitted clothes for women. It later gave way to the couturiere, who specializes in creating haute couture (high-fashion) garments for men and women.

Fashions vary by culture, age group, gender and generation. Some styles are influenced by current events, and others by the desire to express oneself or fit in with another group. People who follow current fashions are known as followers and the term “fashionista” is used to describe someone who is devoted to following the latest trends in clothing. It is important to remember that fashions are only temporary and change often.