What is Fashion?

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Fashion is the way that people dress. It can be an understated whisper or a high-energy shout. It is what unites women and men around the world and helps them earn respect from others. It also gives them a sense of self-confidence. Trends in fashion change from one minute to the next but they never disappear. That is why whole magazines are dedicated to the subject, TV programs devote hours of transmission time to talking about it and people discuss it continually with each other.

There are many different terms to describe fashion: style, mode, vogue, fad and craze. All of them mean the way that people dress and behave and that is considered fashionable at a particular time and place.

People follow fashions to keep up with each other and to show that they have good taste. They may also be influenced by celebrities or other people in the public eye to copy them and start new trends. In the past, when new things from other parts of the world were discovered, it could also prompt a change in fashions.

Nowadays, it is hard to tell how a certain fashion made its way from the streets of England to the runways of Paris or from the baggy jeans of the 1970s into the designer denim of the 1980s. The only thing that is predictable is that, if something does not last in a fashion cycle, it will fade out of fashion and then eventually come back into it again at some point.