Types of Sports Betting

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sports betting

Sports betting is an activity that allows people to make money by placing wagers on the outcome of sports events. It can be an exciting hobby and a great way to enjoy sports.

The most common types of sports bets include straight bets, totals bets, futures bets and parlays. The key to winning big is knowing the odds and making smart bets.

Handle: This is the total amount of money that a sports book has taken in for a particular game or event. It also includes bets made in the live betting area.

Live betting is especially fun during baseball games, when you can bet between innings and win before the next one starts.

Over/Under: This is a bet that predicts how many total goals, points or runs a team will score in a game. Typically, bettors will choose the Over if they think that the two teams will combine for more totals than the sportsbook has posted.

Futures: This type of bet is more challenging than a straight bet, as the odds for these bets tend to be higher. These bets include futures on the World Series, a soccer team’s championship season or a golf player’s career.

To start betting on sports, you need to open an account with a sportsbook. The process is usually very simple, and once you have an account, you can place bets and withdraw cash if you win. Some sportsbooks offer bonuses for new customers, and you should take advantage of them.