News Selection Processes

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News is the presentation of information that has been previously unknown to a person. It can be a report on a current event, something that was not known outside or anything that generates curiosity among the public.

News selection processes are shaped by a range of factors including the social and economic status of journalists, their workplace hierarchy and the type of audience for which they work (Brighton and Foy 2007; Schultz 2007, Phillips 2015). This can result in fluctuations, with certain news values rising up or falling down the news value hierarchy as the media change.

The news values of news stories are also affected by practical considerations such as the availability of resources and time. The subjective influences of a journalist’s beliefs, social and political affiliations and their position within the journalism workplace are also important factors in determining the news value of stories. In addition, news selection is also influenced by the influence of external factors such as proprietors and advertisers and public relations professionals.