Jobs in Financial Services

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Financial services

Financial services help you with everything from getting a mortgage loan to buying a home. It’s a career that covers a wide variety of areas, and can lead to a lot of job satisfaction.

Banks, brokers and mortgage lenders are the most familiar names in financial services, but there’s more to this industry than just those three sectors. It’s a complex industry that includes insurance companies, securities traders, investors, Wall Street and more.

The Financial Services Sector comprises thousands of depository institutions, providers of investment products, insurance companies, other credit and financing organizations and the critical financial utilities that support these functions.

A financial service is any business, government or individual activity that involves the inflow or outflow of money. Examples include trading shares, initiating loans, maintaining accounts and making purchases.

These activities are a vital part of the economy and can help drive consumer confidence and purchasing power. However, if the financial services sector fails to function properly, it can lead to economic turbulence and a recession.

Jobs in Financial services tend to be rewarding and flexible, with pay ranging from PS45,000 to high five figures. It’s a competitive industry, and people are likely to be promoted based on merit, rather than bonuses.

Despite its reputation for being stressful and demanding, financial services jobs are rated among the highest in job satisfaction. As a result, many professionals enjoy working in the field, even when their stress levels rise.

Financial services also help governments raise money to meet short-term and long-term funding requirements. The government can do this through the sale of treasury bills or by borrowing from commercial banks.