How to Use the Business Services View in TrueSight Capacity Optimization

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The business services industry encompasses a variety of activities that help businesses meet their goals without producing tangible goods. This includes a wide range of services, such as translation, training, and technology support. It also covers personal services, such as fitness facilities and transportation. Many large firms rely on business services to provide them with expertise and convenience that they cannot do themselves.

Whether it’s an architectural firm providing their clients with a well-presented explanation of the purpose of a new building or a customer who dithers at a fast-food counter slowing down service for everyone else, business services affect operational processes and quality of end products. The industry accounts for a huge percentage of the economy and provides jobs to millions of people worldwide.

How to Use the Business Services View

The Business Services view in TrueSight Capacity Optimization shows a consolidated list of your business services and their related capacity indicators in bar charts. The indicator values, based on data collected over the last 30 days, show if the business service is healthy, at risk of saturation, or saturated. Tooltips are displayed on the individual resource bars to help you understand the indicators and their meaning.

To access the Business Services view, select Capacity > Views > Business Services. Select a business service to view information about its performance and the servers that comprise it. You can also view the technology details of the server — including its system type, the tags that are associated with it, and its position in the service pool hierarchy.