Home Improvement is a Great Way to Add Value to Your Home

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Home improvement is the remodeling, altering, repairing, renovating, painting, or making additions to residential and noncommercial property. This includes the construction, replacement, or repair of driveways, garages, sidewalks, fences, roofs, porches and patios, windows, doors, and more.

While many upgrades can add to a home’s value, some renovations may actually decrease resale. This is especially true for projects that are more customized to the owner’s taste and preferences, such as a home recording studio.

Experts say that with rock-bottom interest rates, now is a great time for homeowners to invest in their homes. The categories of home improvements surging the most are work that improves a house’s exterior and backyard, such as adding landscaping or building decks and fences. Homeowners are also putting more money into interior improvements, such as remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.

A good place to start is by examining your current financial situation, which will help you determine what kind of home improvement project you can afford and what funding options are available to you. Then, you can shop around to find the best deal on materials and labor.

For instance, installing crown molding is a relatively inexpensive way to add a custom touch to a room. It requires woodworking skills, but you can usually get the supplies and tools at your local home improvement store, and the entire job should take no more than a weekend. For more difficult tasks, you can hire a professional contractor or use an aggregator that bundles offers from multiple service providers.