Home Improvement – Investing in Your Home

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Increasingly, homeowners are looking to invest in home improvement projects. These projects can be anything from repairs to improvements to a new garage or porch. Often, the improvements are designed to enhance the quality of life for a family, improve the appearance of a home, or increase the value of the property.

As with any investment, homeowners should do their research. A thorough list of what needs to be done can help ensure that the project is completed properly. It will also help to ensure that the costs of the work are reasonable and the contractor is qualified. If you have questions, contact the building codes office in your area.

When hiring a contractor, make sure to check their references and insurance. Also, consider asking your neighbors if they are happy with the results.

The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies has predicted a peak in home remodeling in the first months of the year. They also note that rising mortgage rates are taking a toll on the home remodeling market.

One study found that nearly a third of homeowners are currently undergoing a home improvement project. Another survey shows that nearly a quarter of respondents plan to start a home improvement project in the next 12 months.

The home improvement business is a very important part of the world economy. It involves the sale of building materials, appliances, and tradespeople.

A contractor’s license is required for home improvement projects. You can find out if a contractor is licensed in your area by checking with the Department of Consumer Affairs in New York City or the Westchester County Department of Consumer Affairs.