Home Improvement Basics

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Home improvement

Home improvement is any work that is done to increase the value or function of a home. Examples include roofing, painting, flooring and carpeting.

Home improvements also include minor facelifts that aren’t high-dollar, but add to the aesthetic appeal of a home. Small updates such as new front doors, retouching the siding and trimming bushes are a great way to boost a home’s curb appeal and value.

A homeowner should know exactly what work they want done and how much it will cost before hiring a contractor to do the work. This will help them negotiate with potential contractors, secure firm prices and avoid surprises down the line.

The costs of a home improvement project will vary depending on what is being done and how big the project is. Whether it’s just painting or adding a whole new room, homeowners need to consider what it will cost and what their financial situation is before starting the project.

When working with a contractor, make sure they have a license and insurance. If they don’t, you could be held liable for any damage or injuries that happen on your property.

In addition to license and insurance, be sure that the contractor is registered in New York. You can do this by visiting the New York Department of State website.

A lot of home improvement projects will require permits and inspections, so be sure to check with your local building and codes office before hiring a contractor. It’s also a good idea to get all warranties and terms in writing for your protection.