Home Improvement 101

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Home improvement

Home improvement includes a wide range of renovations and repairs that can be done to improve the function and appearance of a house. It can also refer to improvements that will increase the home’s resale value. While some homeowners renovate solely for the purpose of increasing their home’s resale value, it is important to remember that your comfort and enjoyment of your home is equally as important as the return on investment you may receive from selling it in the future.

The most popular home improvement projects in recent years have included adding an additional bedroom and bathroom, converting attics and basements into living space, and installing new kitchen appliances. Typically, these upgrades have the best ROI and add the most value to a home.

While the pandemic has caused a slight decrease in professional home improvement jobs, do-it-yourself (“DIY”) home improvements have soared. This is partly due to the rise of home improvement TV shows and other media that blur the line between traditionally male dominated DIY activities, such as carpentry work, and the more feminine realm of interior design and decorating.

When evaluating potential contractors, it is important to consider price as well as other factors, such as experience, reputation, and location. Additionally, it is important to find out whether or not a contractor is licensed and insured in New York City, Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, Putnam, or Rockland counties. Finally, when negotiating with contractors, it is important to set clear expectations about what will be completed and by when.