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Automobiles are four-wheeled vehicles which run on roads. They can carry a driver and two or three passengers. However, they are usually only used for transportation.

Vehicles can be divided into motorcycles, cars, trucks, and buses. Motorcycles have two wheels, while cars and trucks have four. Both types can be powered by an internal combustion engine. Often, power is transferred to the wheels via a chain, belt, or shaft.

In addition to motorbikes and automobiles, there are also a number of other small wheeled vehicles. These include tricycles, motor-cycles, scooters, and mopeds.

The earliest type of automotive vehicle was the pedal cycle, which was generally equipped with a small spark ignition engine. It was later converted to a motorcycle.

By the turn of the century, manufacturers were experimenting with innovative designs and materials, such as aluminum. They also began designing aircraft-inspired body styles.

After World War I, the Art Deco design developed in Europe. A 1925 Paris exhibition brought it to international attention. Some automakers took the sleek iconography of streamlining and used it on their own designs.

George M. Holley was born in Port Jervis, New York in 1878. He moved to Bradford, Pennsylvania, where he built a small 3-wheeled buggy. His first motorcycle could reach a speed of 25 miles per hour.

Holley eventually made a name for himself in the car world, and devoted his life to making automobiles and automobile parts. His first company, Holley Motor Co., was established in 1899.