A Career in Law is a Popular Choice Among Young People

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Law is the body of rules enforceable by society and enforced by courts or government agencies. It is a highly diverse field, ranging from laws on the environment and animal cruelty to laws of contract, criminal justice, taxation, and property. Law influences politics, economics, history and culture in many ways and shapes the societies in which it operates.

The study of law is called jurisprudence or legal science. A career in law is a popular choice among young people.

Legal systems can be grouped in three broad categories: civil law, common law and religious law (including Islamic Sharia). Each of these is generally understood to comprise different sets of rules. Civil law tends to be codified in a statute, while common law is judge-made and based on precedent. Religious law reflects the teachings of a particular faith.

The most important aspect of any law is that it embodies human values and upholds individual rights. It should not impose behaviours that are unattainable or force individuals to act in ways that go against their natures. It must also be flexible to allow it to adapt to changing circumstances. A good rule of law is clear expression of rights and duties, backed up by precedent where appropriate, but with room for flexibility for judges to interpret and apply the law creatively. For example, if two people both claim ownership of an object, the court may decide who is the rightful owner.