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Chiang Mai Thailand
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Bruce A. Batch
2004 Dean Avenue
Bakersfield, California 93312
(Home) 666-588-4037 (Cell) 661-343-0765

13 Aug 2004

I highly recommend Dr. Sawaeng's Chiang Mai Fortune Dental Clinic in Chiangmai Thailand for all your dental needs. I have had Root Canal Treatment, Crown, bridges and four (4) implants all with great success. I found Staff Doctor to be experienced, informative and very efficient. Fortune Dental Clinic's staff are courteous, knowledgeable and fluent in English. All appointments were arrange and met through e-mail. I found this very convenient.

Brent Prett
Qantas Airways (Air Crew)

30 Aug 2004

brent prett

I found the service and product at Fortune Dental Clinic In Thailand (Chiang Mai) to be very professional and friendly. All procedures performed have been extremely professional. The quality of dentistry has been equal to or has exceeded the quality I have encountered in Australia. The services at Fortune Dentist is highly recommended. Thanks for the great smile

Dan Byfoul

04 Sept 2004

dan byfold

Dr. Sawaeng is the finest dentist I have ever had work on my teeth. I am 62 and have suffered at the hands of dentists all my life until now. Thank you very much Dr.

Nathan Cox
New Zealand
06 Sept 2004

nathan cox

I came to Fortune Dental Clinic in Chiang Mai Thailand and Dr. Sawaeng to have my top teeth straightened. Dr. Sawaeng explained all options and advised me on what was best (and cheapest). Dr. Sawaeng's and his assistant's work was of extremely professional standard and the outcome was very extremely satisfactory.

John Cassar
20 October 2004

On my visits to Chiangmai as a holiday I was in need of a dentist, and some fellow holiday makers said to me what a coincident we are just on our way there so they took me to Fortune Dental Clinic, the dentist there and the staff were so helpful. I went in the dental surgery and I said to the dentist that I needed just one filling but I was wrong. I actually needed 3 filling, so I had the 3 filling done and a new tooth built on an old one very successfully, then the doctor suggested that I ought to have some new teeth to fill my two gaps that I had for many years, so I agreed, he has taken the measurement and within 3 days they were ready - so with a few adjustments they fitted perfectly - and I am so very satisfied, thanks to the doctor and his assistants, I am now eating so much better and when I smile it really looks good. My name is John Cassar from England.

Alysa Lobo
4958 N. Agnes Ave.
Temple City, CA 91780 USA
slysainjapan@yahoo.com , alysalobo@hotmail.com

December 2004

Dr. Sawaeng .... Wow ! I came to Chiang Mai specially to have extensive dental work done. I had medical problems in the past that left me with severe dental problems. Dr. Sawaeng not only gave me a new mouth but gave me my confidence to smile again. Everything that was worked on fit well within my budget and exceeded my expectations. His technology is at standard that is far better than most from back at home, but most of all his staff created such a safe and comfortable atmosphere that I never felt afraid or embarrassed. It was the level of professionalism and helpfulness that made my experience so pleasant. Dr. Sawaeng and his staff are beautiful people and I highly recommend Fortune Dental Clinic - Chiang Mai Thailand as the Number # 1 place to come to if there is work needed to be done on your teeth.

Robert Gala
Hilton Head Island


March 01, 2005

When I choose to come to Thailand for my dental needs, most of my friends in the U.S.A  had doubts. I would like to tell all that my experience with Fortune Dental and Dr. Sawaeng has been beyond my expectations, professional, compassionate and maybe best of all - painless. I would highly recommend that if you are in need of dental work, I do not think you could make a better choice than Fortune Dental Clinic. Thank You Dr & Mrs. Sawaeng and all the staff at Fortune Dental.

Dan Thomas

March 19, 2005

I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the dental work performed by Dr. Sawaeng. I Travelled here from Kuwait, where I work, have 2 ceramic crowns placed on my top front teeth. The quality was excellent and the cost was most reasonable. I was happy to travel here while on vacation and have my dental work done, all at a great economic value. Also, Fortune Dental Clinic has an excellent webpage on the internet. This is how I located it. The staff is the most friendly. I was pleased to have my dental work done here. I highly  recommended fortune dental clinic to those whose need of dental treatment in thailand.

The Two Dolphins
St. Margarets Road,
St. Margarets Bay
Dover, CT 15 6 EH

February 01,, 2005

Whilst on holiday in Chiang Mai I visited the Fortune Dental Clinic to have a partial upper denture made. Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai carried out this work in a very professional and caring manner (not easily available in my hometown) using valplast material of good quality. I am very happy and satisfied with the look and comfortable fit of my new dentures. My sincere thanks and praise for the excellent and speedy services provided by Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai and the staff at Fortune Dental Clinic.

Stevie-Ann Spencer
United kingdom


April 12,, 2005

Had teeth bleached and 13 white fillings replacing my silver ones. I hate dentists but love this one now. Would recommend Fortune Dental Clinic to anyone thinking of dental work - A lot cheaper than UK too. Now I look beautiful ! Woo !! or at least my teeth do !

Anna Donkin
United kingdom

April 12,, 2005

After banging my teeth on a swimming pool floor aged 10 I had a wanky smile. Fortune Dentist have sorted my smile right out. No longer will I be conscious of my smile in photo's. My rating for Fortune Dental Clinic is 110%

Anne Cully & Michael Brock
United kingdom

April 18,, 2005

A very friendly, helpful & efficient service. We were taken to and from our hotel each appointment which made the experience so much easier and nicer. We had crowns and metal fillings replaced with white ones. All look superb - Dr. Sawaeng made an excellent job, lots of attention to detail. Very little pain ! Big smile all round, Thank you !!!

Scott "SH" Jarvis
P.O Box 1664


April 27,, 2005

Having had dentures now for 38 years, I've had a few made before. Now I realize I've never had proper treatment until now. The American dentists have been getting rich doing very little. At Fortune Dental Clinic, I have received excellent care. I was able to get my work done here include the airfare and see the sight of Thailand, and will still spend less than I would have at home, and in only One week, whereas I was told it would take a month back home. All this and better dentures as well ! All in all a great deal ! Dr. Sawaeng really knows his work ! I would recommend coming here for dental work to anyone who needs it !

Lesley Black / Reiner Riesterer

August 06,, 2005

We are both very happy with the service and the treatment we received at Fortune. All of the staff and people were very friendly and professional. The standard of work was very good and we are very happy with the result - especially Reiner's new "Thai Smile"

Brian Pears

August 26,, 2005

I would definitely recommend this dental practise to everyone. The doctor is well deserving of his reputation as the best in Chiang Mai, if not all of Thailand. His staff are of the highest skilled, being professional and very friendly. If ever I need further root canal (or any other)  treatment, this is where I will be coming.

Kevin Longhran
RRI Box 264 Goleta,

September,, 2005

This doctor and his staff are the main reason for my most recent trip to Thailand. The quality of work and service are the best I have experienced and unfortunately I have had a lot of dental work. So I am very glad to finally find my Dentist in Chiang Mai. Fortune is a good name though it does not cost a fortune. Thank goodness. I thank the kind doctor and his wife and the staff for 3 crowns and numerous filling. I will have to find some other reason now to return to their kind heart "jai dee"

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