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Pamela Bormuth
Long Island
New York

Dec 2005

My decision to come to The Fortune Dental Clinic was due to friendly reply via email from Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai. After Checking with many other places. My experience at  The Fortune Dental Clinic was welcoming and pleasant. Dr. Sawaeng performed a miraculous "overhaul" of my teeth and mouth. For Many years my teeth had been in poor condition, therefore I needed a lot of work done. Dr. Sawaeng completed all work very quickly with beautiful results, all within one weeks time. I am so proud, thankful and happy with the beautiful result of my finished mouth. Thank You so much Dr. Sawaeng and staff! I also must say that Drs Wife was also the most helpful and wonderful with compassion and help in the dental process.


Jan Aldsuch

Jan 2006

Jan Aldsuch

My Family and I came to Chiang Mai for dental treatment from Australia. I had very extensive dental work (crowns, cuffed front teeth & replaced fillings a root canal treatment). My smile has been transformed. The service is very professional, courteous and thoughtful. Thank you so much to Dr. & Mrs. Sawaeng Bhosai. I will be recommending your service to my friends in Australia. Thank you again.



Jan 2006

My trip to Thailand was due to a mid life crisis of which I wanted a proper set of teeth. I search the net from Australia and came across Fortune Dental Clinic, Chiang Mai Thailand, with a bit of email I was convinced to give it a go. Upon arrival I was greeted with a happy and secure feeling. That's was a great start. I went much further than I was prepared. Aesthetically I'm very happy and the test of time will reveal all. Thank You to everyone at Fortune.

Sigmund Rosjo & Anne Grethe Tapper
Roaveien 3B
0752 Oslo
Tel: +4722505215

Jan 2006

I had heard about dental treatment in Thailand before we came to Chiang Mai; high quality and low cost. Since we were staying in Chiang Mai for a week I though I could give it a try and looked up the possibilities at the internet. The Fortune Dental Clinic seemed a good clinic. I made a phone a Sunday morning and got an appointment the same day. I needed renewal of my four front teeth. The repairing work was done the next day and by Friday at had 4 perfect new teeth (crowns). I am very satisfied with both the smile, the quality of the work and not the least, the price, I am really impressed. I will give fortune Clinic my highest recommendation. Next year I will come back to do some more dental work at Fortune Dental Clinic.
- Sigmund Rosjo

My husband has already written as above why we selected Fortune Dental Clinic. I had a Major job done with both upper and lower teeth and I am very satisfied with the result. I recommend this clinic for any one is go Fortune to choose them. Thank you very much for the job and good service.
- Anne Grethe Tapper

Santa Clara
CA 91780 USA

Feb 2006

Yosh at Fortune Dental Clinic Treatment Center Chiang Mai, Thailand

The treatment I received from Dr. Sawaeng and his staff have been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone. I had three implants, 2 crowns and a Bridge installed at a very reasonable cost compare to the cost in the US.

Olivien Van Kenckkhovf  
21 Nov 2005


Olivien Van Kenckkhovf

Hugh Smith
New Zealand.

7 Mac 2006

Dr. Bhosai and his team fitted me with 6 crowns and a bridge as well as doing 5 fillings and a root canal in just over a week. I found the work to be of the highest quality and the staff very friendly. I would recommend treatment at the Fortune Clinic without hesitation.

Jacqueline & David Doyle
Washington State

21 Mac 2006

We have been so happy with the care and the service we received from Dr. and Mrs. Bhosai. Our teeth turned out beautiful and we would tell anyone to come to Fortune Dental Clinic to get all their oral health needs done. Both myself and husband have beautiful new teeth and are pleased to smile again.
Thank you to the staff and especially Dr. and Mrs.. Bhosai for making this process pain free and fun.

From David,
I have been so happy with dental care and service Dr. Bhosai & his wife and staff have given me. I needed a lot of dental work done. It was done properly speedy with very good results. I would recommend Dr. Bhosai whole heartedly to anyone needing dental work of any kind. I am happy!  happy!

Eric Bridgeman
Byron Bay

30 Mac 2006

Would just like to say how much I enjoyed the experience of the excellent treatment I received during my many visits to your clinic. The friendly and professional manner with which I was treated is a credit to all. A special thanks to Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai for his laughter and making dentistry not the ordeal it usually is.

Cabraine Walsh

27 May 2006

To Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai, his wife and all the wonderful staff at the fortune dental clinic.

Thank you all for the great dental work that you did for me and for all your support during my many fillings. I did not think that my teeth could be mended, but you have fixed them for me and I am very happy with my smile now.

Thank you all.......  and I'll see you again in November for check-up. Lots of love.

Peggy Millar
email: MMillar@teflion.com
Mobile: 0-9955-6534
Teflion Wholesale & Retail

May  2006

I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to the Fortune Dental Clinic. The people here are very professional and extremely talented. Dr. Sawaeng is the most talented Dentist I have ever known. He made me seven crowns with absolutely perfect results. I am truly happy and will come back here to have more work done.

Joanne Burnett D.M.A
Rochester, MN

May 2006

Patients need only to relax and let Dr. Sawaeng do what is needed - you can trust him !

Nick Bozin
16 Paratea Drv, Rowville,
Melbourne, Australia 3178
Phone: +0418141147
Home: 00161397557362
Email: medi4@bigpond.com

May 2006

Nick Bozin

Dr. Sawaeng is the best Dentist me and my wife have ever been to. I had a bridge done in the front, they feel like my own teeth. My wife had 13 teeth made up and is also very happy.

I recommend Dr. Sawaeng to anyone, he is the best.

Marcus Murray

June 2006

Marcus Murray

I came to Fortune Dental needing a lot of work done on my teeth. The care I received here was at least as good as any I've had in the US. Further, the staff went to great length to complete the work in the short amount of time I stayed in Chiang Mai.

Thank you Fortune Dental.

Lyn Brichell
1770 Agnes Water


Lyn Brichell

I am very pleased with the dental work carried out on my teeth at the Fortune Dental Clinic. I have had one wisdom tooth removed, 9 crowns and a few fillings.

All the work was performed professionally with no time wasted. I would not have had this treatment done in Australia as it would be very expensive and time consuming. I have spent 9 nights at the Fortune Residence with my husband. We have felt very comfortable and safe.

The service and results are fantastic.

Walk-in Guest


I came to Fortune Dental at chiang mai having spend 20+ years hiding my teeth and never smiling in photos. Within 1 week I was smiling at everyone. All of the time. The staff are friendly and helpful. Dr. Sawaeng is very professional and sensitive.

Thank you to all at Fortune. KEEP SMILING!

Zbiqniew Zarnoch

22 NOV  2006

Zbiqniew Zarnoch

I came to this clinic with total disaster in my mouth which I though could not be fixed. Three weeks later I am leaving with a smile like never before. Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai is an expect. I can recommend to anybody.

Averil Kolsoll

28 NOV 2006

Averil Kolsoll

I am so pleased with the work of the dentist. Looks great. He and his wife are lovely people very understanding as I was rather nervous but they assure me all would be well.

I recommend him to anyone that are looking for a very professional job on their teeth.

I am now happy to smile and sing my heart out.

Thank you so much for all your support at Fortune Dental Clinic.

Barbara L. Jones

6 Sept 2006

All treatment at Fortune Dental Clinic was given to me with the greatest care, kindness, gentleness by dentists and all staff. Most friendly and kind people. Much more work was done than I expected and the standard is perfection.
Many thanks to everyone.

Thank you both very much for dentistry and arranging the hotel. I look forward to seeing you again. Good fortune.

William & Debra Merchent
2475 Robb Drive
Reno, Nevada

3 NOV 2006

To all the wonderful and very nice people at Fortune Dental Clinic. We have never in all the places in the world we have traveled and had to have medical care ever been treated as well and as professional as we have been treated here.

Your dental work is the most excellent we have ever had. We would highly recommend your clinic to anyone.

Thank you for the smiles.

Charles Dibella

3 DEC 2006

Charles Dibella

I came from Hawaii to Chiang Mai specially to have my teeth put into perfect order. Over the span of Five weeks I have 9 Root Canals, 3 posts fillings and 6 crowns. I am please with the professional service and quality work. Dr. Bhosai was sure to explain everything in advance. I do not speak Thai (only English) and had no problem communicating my needs and concerns. The overall attitude and attentiveness of the staff exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend the fortune Dental Clinic to any of my friends and associates. The money saved over having the same work performed in America paid for both my round trip airfare and my time spend in Thailand. Thank you for the wonderful service.

Janneke Van Beveren.
Wim Van Beseren
The Netherlands

December 2006

Win Van Beveren & Janneke Van beveren

Thank you very much for kind and friendly treatment. Now I can smile again. I am very happy. - Janneke Van Beveren

I am the husband of Junneke. I was not at the Dentist for over 20 years. I was treatment very well too. This is really the worth a part of our holiday. Thank you - Wim Van Beseran

E. Haskins

28 October 2006

I found the service to be very efficient and extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend the Fortune Dental Clinic to anyone coming to Chiang Mai should they need any kind of dental treatment and the fees are certainly much lower then Australia where we live.

Tom & Brenda Carson
Volcano, Hawaii

6 November 2006

Aloha! We had a wonderful experience at Fortune Dental Clinic. We found Fortune on the Internet and when we arrived in Chiang Mai, we were very worried if we had made the right decision. Everything from the start, from the security guard in the parking lots, the front desk receptionist, to Dr. Sawaeng's warm & loving wife. Our experience was great. Our dental work was very professional and we would highly recommend Fortune to all our friends.

Ronald McIntosh.
Volcano, Hawaii

6 November 2006

Ronald McIntosh

When we found "Fortune Dental Clinic" on the internet, we though we had made the best choice, but little did we know how lucky we are!.

Coming here in person and meeting Khun Dr. Sawaeng, his lovely wife Khun Dr. Jiaranai and their wonderful and Competent staff has been a truly special, enjoyable & successful experience.

Truly Khun Dr. Sawaeng has great skill and experience and does beautiful work.

Good luck, Good Health, Much Prosperity and long life to you and your staffs.

Much Aloha.

Lea and Bob

December 2006

Lea and Bob

Our Sincere  thank you to Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai and his lovely, compassionate wife Jiaranai.

Arriving in Chiang Mai was an experience we will always remember. Our dental work was quite extensive, provided by the dentist in such a professional setting and the outcome far exceeded our expectations at a fraction of the cost we would have paid in Canada. We were also happy with our accommodations during the 14 days we spent at the Fortune Residence bungalow. We would not hesitate to recommend the Fortune Dental Clinic to anyone.

Brian McMichan

14th December 2006

I had very extensive work done over 16 days. The standard of work done was very high. Dr. Bhosai's work was supplemented by 2 specialist colleagues. I was very pleased with the care, attention and courtesy extend to me plus the comfortable accommodation supplied at the clinic.

Mardell Gunn
Maik Kistler
Haines, Alaska

December 2006

Mardell Gun and Maik Kistler

WE were very happy with the work that Dr. Bhosai did. It included 8 crowns and 5 fillings for Mardell and 1 crown + 1 filling for Maik. The service was incredible. When we needed an appointment to replace the crown, we said the time we could be here and they accommodated us.

We also appreciated how fast Dr. Bhosai worked. Less time in the dentist chair is GOOD !!!
Thanks for the new smile.

Norma & Peter

December 2006

Norma & Peter

My husband and myself have returned for the second holiday to Chiang Mai and have Revisited Dr. Bhosai. This time for crown's, bridge and filling teeth white for My Husband. A root canal and fillings PCVS Amalgam filling. Removed and replaced with white fillings. The excellent Professional friendly service cannot be found in England. not to mention I am frightened of Dentist. Dr. Bhosai is very gentle. We now have perfect teeth and they fit appointment round you not like in England at a fraction of the costs. Feel free to phone if you want to : 01538-723894


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