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Keith Taylor
43 Dalmeng Drive Kianga
New South Wale

3rd September2007

I cannot begin to express the pleasure I have received as a result of the dental treatment provided by Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai.

I have had dental problems for the last 5 years and upon hearing of the Fortune Dental Clinic and the skill of Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai, I made an appointment. The results of the treatment I received have changed my life, not only do I have my smile back, but it has given me confidence and a new lease on life.

All this due to the experience, knowledge and skill of Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai. The treatment I received was of the highest professional standard. My heart felt thanks to Dr. Sawaeng Bhosai and his team. The kindest of regards,

Julie Neary
New South Wale

23 June 2007

I came to Chiang Mai with a very dilapidated set of teeth. Within 6 visits, Dr. Bhosai and associates completed 7 crowns, an immediate implant, two root fillings, countless ordinary fillings and a scaling and cleaning. The level of efficiency , expertise and the quality of work has been exceptional. My once dilapidated teeth now look fantastic. I am so grateful to Dr. Bhosai and team, his wonderful, graceful wife and friendly competent nurses.

I could never have afforded to have done this amount of work done in Australia. THANK YOU for your care and expertise. I can now SMILE with Confidence.

Baronchelli Andrea 
Vin Del Tut, 7

TeL: 00/33/341681457

April 2007


Robert Campbell  
3, Lincoln Ave,
New York, USA 13260


This was my first experience of Dental care in Thailand. Fortune Dental was excellent!. They did a great job with making my time here enjoyable. The staff is very nice and helpful.

Thank you to everyone.


Neal Tracy


Some of the nicest dental work I've had. Very friendly and gentle, but to the point. I vowed myself to return to finish what needs done. I appreciate it all very much.
Thank you very much.


Tom Seigle
4714 South center Blud, Apt b307
Tokwilz WA 98188


September 2007

I can certainly say the care here couldn't have been better. I absolutely had no pain and the precision work on my dentures was wonderful. If I have major dental work in the future - I would return right to FORTUNE DENTAL.

Juliet Nacino
Kailua - Kona,
(808) 329-4574
Email: julietnacino@yahoo.com

27 March 2007

Dr. Bhosai, his wife and Thai staff are wonderful!  I was brought to tears the last visit of him. My trip to Thailand was specifically for dental work. 5 crowns, a filling and whitening in 3 days. On the 4th day for the final check-up, Dr. Bhosai reshaped a front tooth that did bother me a little, but the others were priority, so it would not have been a bit deal, but he did it for free !!!! My 11 years old also had a little work done and despite the minimal work, she still was treated with the same respect and humor.

I will have no hesitation in recommending Fortune Dental Clinic to anyone who would listen to me. Dr. Bhosai is most definitely a master in his profession which he has taken to an art.


Vincent H. Bruxelles Belgique
& Bries Michel


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