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Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Q Where can I find the price list  or dental rate for all the dental treatment in your website.
A Our price list and dental rates are at :
Q Next year January I will be in Thailand for one or two months. I lost one tooth a year ago (yr 45) and I need an implant. Could you give me an average price for this procedure and could you tell me how long this procedure and the aftercare takes. I am male, 30 years old, in good health and non smoking.
A The price of an implant is approximately 1,500 US dollars (including crown). The procedure:
  • 1st week - 1st visit (1-2 hours) to do root implant with temporary crown using new technique "one piece implant".
  • 2nd visit (3-5 days later) to do recheck.
  • 8th week - 3rd visit (1 hour) to take impression for porcelain crown.
  • 4th visit (3-5 days later) to insert  permanent crown ( 1-2 hours).
  • 5th visit (1-3 days later) to do recheck and complete.
  • (In some cases ,they can be done within 6 -7 weeks if the tests show that hard strength and heeling of gum complete.)

Q I will be travelling in your country soon and am investigating the possibility of having some dental surgery there. My top four teeth are very crooked and I'm wanting to have them extracted and have dental implants put in to replace them.  I am of good health and don't suffer any gum problems. Could you please tell me if you are able to do this and, if so, approximately how much will it cost (in US dollars)?
A Firstly, it has to do the oral examination and do check your gum and bone using Panoramic x-rays. Then there are 2 options to choose as follows:
  • In case we able to do crown and bridge to make your teeth look beauty, strong and satisfaction, it will save your money, Cost: 175-250 US dollars/ unit. Time period: 1 week (1-2 visits and 2-3 hours for each visit).
  • In case you want to do root implants ,it takes 1 week (2-3 visits and 2-3 hours for each visit) to do root implants and temporary crowns. After 2 months the permanent crowns will be done within 1 week. Cost: 1,500 US dollars/ tooth.
Q I'm Thai but now live in US and need to do Root implant. The Dental cost in here is soooo expensive. My root for tooth No. 3 and 5 are not good any more and need to pull it off and I do not have root for tooth No. 4. So I need two root implant for tooth No.3 and 5 and then do bridge for all three tooth 3,4 and 5. How can I make the process shorter since I need to go to Thailand and back to US? If possible I want to back to Thailand only 2 times, this year for root implant and next year for bridge. How much does this plan going to cost in Thai Bath?
  • The first trip -The oral examination, Panoramic x-rays, root implants and temporary crowns can done within 1 week(2-3 visits and 2-3 hours for each visit).
  • The second trip -After 2 months or more, within 1 week ( 2 visits and 1-2 hours for each visit), the permanent crowns or bridge will be done. In general the cost for implant including crown) is 1,500 US dollars/tooth. Therefore the total cost for your case is approximately 130,000 Baht or 3,250 US dollars ( bridge 3 units on 2 implants ) .
Q We have noticed your web site and would like to know what your prices are for 1) a minimum of 6 upper and 8 lower teeth veneering 
2) the maximum cost for veneering a full set of ladies teeth, without any other
    problems and all normal sizes, etc.
3) how long would be have to be in Thailand to have this procedure  done?
  • The price for veneering is 125-175 US dollars/tooth which is depend on the kind of materials. In your case it can be done within 1 week (2 visits and 2 hours for each visit)
Q I am planning to visit Bangkok in February 2005 to have some dental work done. Please find below a list of dental work i need, could you give me an approximate cost ( $Australia ) and let me know how long the works would take.

    Top teeth:       2-8  Meisel acclusal
    Bottom teeth:  3-7  root extraction,
                           3-6  meisel acclusal, distel and buckel,
                           3-3  meisel linguel and buckel,
                           3-1  meisel and distel,
                           4-2  distel,
                           3-2  root extraction,
                           4-5  meisel acclusal,
                           4-7  acclusel and buckel,
                           4-8  acclusel and buckel.

  • The payment for your dental treatment is approximately 7,400 Baht or 296 Aus.dollars ( 1,000 Baht for 2 teeth extraction and 6,400 Baht for 8 fillings ) However, The oral examination should be done before to do such treatments in order to give the best suggestion to you.


I want to get some information  about implants of teeth. How many days may I stay in Chiang Mai to have just one implant and some dental cares and can you send me the prices of these operations. I am going to Thailand this month  and I heard many good information about your work.


  • The steps to do the dental implant are as follows:
    Step 1 : 7-10 days (2 visits, 1-2 hours for each visit) for oral examination, to do tooth implant and temporary crown.
    Step 2 : 2 months later ( 3 visits within 7-10 days, 1-2 hours for each visit) to do permanent crown.
    The total cost for 1 dental implant is approximately 60,000 Baht (1,500
    US dollars).


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