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Dental ChairDental Chair

Dental Chair - Model ACTUS 5000 (J. Morita Corporation)


Dental Treatment Room

Fortune Dental Clinic Treatment Room


Handpiece operation is auto-start type with use of a one-pedal foot controller. Priorty circuits are incorporated in handpiece operation system and both handpieces do not work simultaneously for safety reason

Handpiece / Panel Switch

The panel switch is provided with chair manual control switches, preset and auto-return switches and on-offs switches for spittoon basin water and timed cup filler.


Drain cut filter is provided outside the spittoon unit for easy access for daily maintainance. The Basin water-timer can be set as desigined; from every 15 seconds or for continuous running

dental drain cut filter

As well, outside the spittoon unit has manual water control knobs for spittoon basin and cup filler, and extra water outlet. Suction is auto-start type by pick-up. Syringe holder bar has emergency stop for chair operation.


Functional and easy-to-use one pedal foot controller enables the dentist to control handpiece operation, water supply for handpiece and chair operation, such as back & forward, up & down.

one foot pedal dental chair

For safety reason, both chair and handpiece operations are designed not to function simultaneously. The foot controller pedal also functions as emergency stop for chair operation.


Light head is rotatable to four directions

dental chair light head

Light head handles are detachable and autoclavable.



Just drop over to our Fortune Dental Clinic Main Branch at 233/11 Mahidol Road (Near Chiang Mai International Airport) or any of our branches (Nimmanhemin or ThongHotel) in Chiang Mai Thailand or email us at: info@fortunedentalclinic-thailand.com and our dental specialist will describe types of dental treatment and their benefits, candidates for the procedure, the materials used and the steps involved in the procedure.



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