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Implant Aesthetics /  Well-balance aesthetics on implants


Balance Anterior Superstructures System

Preparing the resin key Fixing The Lateral Screw Preparing the resin cap

Modelling the crown Fabrication of the framework Veneering

Balance Posterior Superstructures System, Bridge Fabrication

Disparallelism of the implant Trimming Preparing the resin cap
Framework Veneering Complete Bridge

Temporary Crown On the Same Day as Surgery

Temporary Crown Temporization of the implant Final Preparation
Crown & Bridge Impression Final Restoration


Permador Abutment Implant

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3

Implant - Magnetic Attachment

Position Of The Magnets

Position Of The Magnets

Position Of The Magnets

Position Of The Magnets

X-Ray - Position Of The Magnets

Grinding Of The Denture

Positioning Of The Magnets



Single Tooth Crown Implant

Single tooth crown with preangled abutment and gingiva mask

Placing Wax around the screw Casting


Temporary Crown Build-Up Polishing & Trimming the temporary prosthesis Occlusal Contact


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